This all started about 2 ½ years ago when I noticed an army of trolls showing up on all of my Youtube channels with sock puppet account names like “Google Hoaxtead” and “Hampstead Hoax” and “Mckenzie Devils”. These same youtube channels were also creating 3-7 extremely offensive videos per day about me and our families project. Most notable, the videos made about me and sent to me by these accounts had pictures of dead children on them as thumbnails. Here is an example of one of these videos that I took a screen shot of before the channel was deleted by Youtube:


At first, the deluge of smut I was receiving from Hoaxtead was quite traumatizing to me and I quickly deleted it and did not think to keep records of everything that was sent to me. (after all, what normal person would want to keep a memory of that!) Getting these messages used to make me physically ill, which is something I had to work on over time in order to be able to overcome the trauma of the abuse enough to compose myself so that I could start collecting evidence. As time went on and the harassment continued, I began to keep plenty of screen shots and did some research of my own into the operation behind this, what I found was quite shocking. Here is my summary of my research down this particular dark rabbit hole known as Hoaxtead, its connections to Tavistock, and a bit of background on its current ring leader Karen Irving.

What is Tavistock?

The Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior defines itself as “a charity concerned with group behavior and organizational behavior”. However it was later revealed that Tavistock is the worlds center for brainwashing, war propaganda and social engineering. This was uncovered in depth in Dr. John Colemans Book The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. Dr. John Coleman has a background in British government service that allowed him access to records in the British Museum of Natural History that was closed to the public. He spent five years researching original documentation there which he then put together in his book. What was uncovered was absolutely shocking.
His book describes the psychological operations that are being carried out on the public. The reach of Tavistock is extremely large, way beyond the scope of this article. It was started in 1921 by its founder Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Reese as a research center for British Special Intelligence. Tavistock would later work as the command center for many government agencies such as GCHQ, the CIA, NSA and even universities like MIT. It was Reese who evolved Tavistocks methods of brainwashing. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Colemans Book, from the Chapter: “How Tavistock makes well people sick:

“What was it that made the Reese method of brainwashing so successful? Basically, it was this: The same psychotherapy techniques used to cure a mentally sick individual could be applied in the opposite direction. It could also be used to make healthy people become mentally ill.”

Experiments on human beings began in the 1930’s on British Army Recruits and continues today on the public at large. These experiments include the MK Ultra program and the New Age Movement just to name a few. Today Tavistock employs an army of “Psychotherapists” to manipulate the public via social media engineering. This can be seen in many of the different “psy-op” narratives, cults and social movements, and fake news or “Hoax” stories that are prevalent in todays digital society.

Tavistock and Hampstead

While Tavistock has a wide reach today all over the world, its center is in the UK. When you look at the history of Tavistock timeline, you will see that The Tavistock Clinic was located in Hampstead England until it moved to its current location in central London in 1994.

While Tavistock has a wide reach today all over the world, its center is in the UK. According to Tavistocks own research in the UK, ONE IN FOUR PEOPLE have a mental health disorder. The main treatment for mental disorders is a combination of “talk therapy” (going to a shrink) and psychiatric drugs. The UK is handing out record breaking amounts of psychiatric drugs to its population. That’s one crazy drugged up society with a whole lot of Tavistock Psychotherapists to keep the mind games going.

When you look at the history of Tavistock timeline, you will see that The Tavistock Clinic was located in Hampstead England until it moved to its current location in central London in 1994. One of the hospitals in Hampstead near the clinic was a place where disgraced pedophile Jimmy Savile molested sick kids in the childrens ward. Furthermore Tavistock runs a clinic to treat abused children in Hampstead just meters away from its clinic to treat pedophiles. And there are reports of a Teacher at the Hampstead School getting away with molesting a nine year old child because 21 of the parents wrote letters in support of the the teacher.

I’m not claiming that I have any kind of “inside knowledge” of any of these cases. All I know is that this group from Hampstead have been brutally trolling, stalking and harassing me and my family for the last few years and I’m sick of it. Hoaxtead has written a dozen defamation articles about me and my family. They have posted harassing comments and photo shopped pictures of me in their comment sections on a DAILY BASIS FOR 2 1/2 YEARS and they have created HUNDREDS of slanderous videos about me and my family. (many of which have been taken down due to my constant complaints to Youtube) And then they play the worst kind of hypocritical psychological mind games of projection and gaslighting. They pretend to be the innocent victims of the very acts that they are committing on others such as me and my family. Did I also mention that they are all a bunch of self professing satanists that post pictures of occult rituals and send me satanic death threats? (that will have to be for another post as there is a lot of info there as well) When I do just a small amount of digging to find out where all of this smut is coming from, these are the kind of news headlines I find associated with that group. (click each to read the news story for yourself)

All the attention around the town of Hampstead made quite a frenzy on new age conspiracy forums run by David Icke, this is where the narrative about Hampstead and allegations of child abuse originated from that later became the “Hoaxtead Blog” which is a central hub of Tavistock intended for controlling the online narrative and drawing in the public. One of the earliest contributors to these David Icke forum discussions was a woman who used the screen name susan0207. This user is named Susan Banga, she works for Tavistock and was listed in their registry of Psychotherapists. She is also one of the first people to promote the Hoaxtead Research Blog and push the Tavistock narrative around Hampstead.

Here is another picture of Susan’s now defunct profile showing her background in Psychology and women’s literature.

Upon further searching on Susans handle “susan0207” we find links that show that she’s willing to do anything to make money and that she’s chosen online coding and various vague SEO and writing skills on a freelance job search forum with the elusive name “No hat digital”.

Apparently the ability to write fictional stories and conduct online marketing, coding and SEO are the latest common traits for psychotherapists employed by Tavistock. What on earth does this have to do with being a therapist? Well Nothing. But it does have everything to do with being a good brainwasher, online slanderer and social media manipulator.


What is Hoaxtead?

Hoaxtead Research is an operation that is put out by Tavistock for social engineering and manipulation. It’s central hub is the Hoaxtead Research Blog, which has been posting a new post every day for the last 4 years. Connected to this blog are up to several hundred youtube channels and sock puppets accounts, as well as a couple of side blogs. Posts go out on Hoaxtead Blog every day at 12:30 UK Time 365 days a year for the last 4 years. Comments from sock puppet accounts fill the blog all day long with screen shots from their targets activities, which are then kept in their stalking files. (they currently are stalking up to 86 people, each has a file). Youtube videos are made on the sock puppet channels from 3-9 videos per day, every day. Facebook and Twitter accounts share / spread all info daily. Sock puppet accounts also gather for live streaming Youtube calls on their “Flo Destroyer” channel.

Taking a look at their content production and comment schedule one can clearly see that thousands of hours of labor goes into this operation. They want you to believe that this is done for free. It isn’t. They are paid liars. There is lots of funding that goes into this agenda. We cover some of the funding methods in our presentation “Covert Government Trolling Programs Full Presentation and Evidence” Part 1.

Hoaxtead was started by and is run by Psychotherapists that work for Tavistock. The blog claims that it was started to “refute scurrilous accusations of child abuse in Hampstead”. However the main content of the blog is gossip, conjecture and macabre subjects such as Pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse. What the blog truly hosts is psychological double speak and the infamous brainwashing techniques of Tavistocks founder Reese… intended to make a mentally well person, mentally ill.

For the last 2 ½ years, I, along with my family and our business have been one of Hoaxteads 86+ targets. Hoaxtead is responsible for sending us harassing messages and death threats, we’ve had hundreds of offensive videos made about us on Youtube, we have been monitored and stalked on a daily basis as found in our stalking file on their site and they have written a dozen defamatory articles about us. I have kept records of all. When Hoaxtead is confronted with the evidence of their abuse towards me (such as this blog post here) they are quick to write off my testimony as “hate speech” and hide the facts of what I made public, hoping that it won’t draw too much attention.

Defamation articles written by Hoaxtead can be found here:

Here is a video I made walking you through the stalking files of the Hoaxtead Blog

I made several attempts to communicate with the Hoaxtead blog and came up with some interesting observations. First thing I noticed is that they censor reply’s people make to their accusations so it looks like no one is reacting to what they are saying. In many cases there will be a full on conversation ABOUT ME happening on their blog. Comments made slandering me are published, my response to those comments that I submit are not published.

Here is an example of my response comments Hoaxtead censored:

Please keep this in mind when reading through any comment section on the Hoaxtead blog. They have cut out at least half of their comment responses to the many allegations they make against people.

Next lets take a look at the other reactions I got from commenting on their blog. In this screen shot below (and explainer video) I wrote a comment into the Hoaxtead blog that they purposely redacted portions of before publishing. I find it very interesting to note what specific portions of my comment were redacted.

Video: What Hoaxtead Doesn’t want you to see: Editing my Comments

Karen Irving AKA “El Coyote Hoaxtead”

Karen Irving is a Canadian Psychotherapist who currently lives near Hampstead Heath England. She began her career working with sexually abused children from an Indian residential school in Ontario Canada. These residential schools were known for horrible child abuse and genocide. In some accounts there are as many as 50,000 missing Indian children that had been forcibly sent to these residential schools where they have uncovered 31 mass grave sites.

Below is a screen shot from Karen Irvings blog “After the Kids Leave” (now taken offline and only available through the wayback machine) showing her involvement in mass sexual child abuse in Canada:

Karen Irving’s Beginnings working with abused children in Canada:

After her work as a Psychotherapist she became a “Crime Writer”, a genre of novel writing that involves fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings and crime-themed literary works. One of her books received an Award from the “Crime Writers of Canada”.

From here she moved on to write a blog with her sister where she published creepy artwork photos from Hampstead. She got a lot of unwanted attention by publishing the macabre photos and not only did she have to scrub the post from the internet, but also she scrubbed it from the way back machine. (at least I wasn’t able to find it on there) Luckily a copy of the post and the photos was re-blogged here. Below are the photos in question.

One is depicting a skeleton on a mattress with a severed and shackled foot and cigarette burns with the word “compulsion”.

Another photo that looks like screaming fetus’ hanging from the ceiling.

And another with skeleton children’s dolls hung by the neck to show a hangman’s silhouette on the wall with what looks like women’s legs in a birthing position coming out of the fireplace.

Judge for yourself what you think of Karen’s taste in artwork. One would think that given her career as a therapist of sexually abused and genocided children she might be a little more sensitive to what she chooses to share online.

There is one video online where we can view the many mannerisms of Karen Irving herself. In this video below Karen and her sister are being interviewed by “Coffee with Chloe”.

I decided to do my own psychoanalysis on the psychotherapist. Here is what I noticed:

She uses sarcasm and jokes throughout the entire video. Indeed Karen’s communication style is sarcasm overkill, almost as if she isn’t able to have a straightforward serious conversation. In psychology terms this is knows as “grain of truth in every joke”. Freud said jokes were ways we express our conscious or unconscious thoughts.

Here’s what Karen likes to Joke about:

5:30 “How often can I humiliate my children and get revenge on my children”
19:59 Mocks about tormenting kids, drinking, taking med’s being drugged, mixing xanex and vodka and dropping acid.
32:39 “We advise alcoholism is pretty much the solution to everything and drug addiction or any form of addiction in fact is probably a good idea because your life is screwed”

…. Um can we say MK Ultra?

Also noted:

28:40 we learn that Karen is an editor and manages a lot of writers in her day job. (like what she does now for hoaxtead)
30:48 “We started out writing our advice column as a LARP” (LARP is now a well known term for dark web internet activities of social manipulation… recently came more into light via the Q Anon phenomenon)

4:07 “We got addicted to statistics” how to influence others online

And then at the End we get the crème de la crème:


36:22 Visits the grave of Karl Marx on the anniversary of his death in the High Gate cemetery which is known as a hot spot for Satanists.

39:05 They mock the crucifixion, then state “We hate all communists and Christians” and joke about visiting the grave of Mao Tse Tung.

This would certainly explain why Karen and her minions all seem to have an obsession with commenting on how much money someone is making or charging for products and services. Almost every blog post on their blog is filled with anti-capitalist anti-small business rhetoric. Communists hate economic freedom and small business entrepreneurs. This philosophy is deeply embedded into the Tavistock ethos, which was built by socialists, communists and Marxists.

But please don’t take my word for it. Karen Irving has lots of victims and you can read about the experiences that other people have had with her such as in this article here.

In this article the author quotes about Karen:

“You have nearly drove people to suicide. You are evil.”

As a matter of fact this is not the first time I’ve heard this. Ever since I posted one blog post about Hoaxtead I started receiving a lot of messages from their other victims. They were requesting that I help them start a Hoaxtead victims support group. Another one was the most alarming I have received. Stating that Karen Irving and the Hoaxtead blog were successful in harassing someone to the point of committing suicide. Here is a copy of the comment I received:

So this is the person behind all the torment my family and 86 other people have undergone over the last few years since she started leading the Hoaxtead operation. Karen Irving, Tavistock Psychotherapist who started with sending me pictures of dead children with my name on it through her Hoaxtead operation who would later reveal to be a dark individual with an over exposure to child abuse, torture and a preference for crime writing and sick artwork. Some psychotherapist you are Karen Irving, I wouldn’t let any children near your “therapy” in a million years!

Karen Irving seems to have a habit of showing up in cases of child abuse for the sole purpose of denying any such abuse ever occurred. As has been the case so far with abuse at the Indian Residential Schools in Canada, abuse during the Hollie Grieg Case, and abuse of children at Hampstead. In all three cases Karen Irving has denied any abuse happened and has written extensive blog posts over the last four years calling all of them a Hoax.

I’d also like to shed some light on Karen’s writing style. First, we need to remember that Karen is a crime writer with a background of playing head games with vulnerable people. To put it simply, me makes stuff up. Most of her content is fabricated stories written with an allure meant to suck the readers into the drama. To do this she uses real people with real names and photographs of them and their family as guinea pigs. She’s done this with me and my family on several occasions.

Karen’s “Research” for her blog consists of bypassing all factual information about a topic that comes from the source and then finding the most obscure, “back alley” non-credible sources possible and using them as her reference. This is certainly the case with the stories she has written about us. We run an online engineering academy, an online store, with a brick and mortar S.A.R.L. business here in Morocco where we have shipped out thousands of products to customers all over the world. We manage several of our own E-commerce membership websites and their associated social media business accounts. Needless to say we have produced mountains of high quality documentation, research and video content that provides factual information about the work that we do. This includes our published books sold on Amazon and our documentary movies on Vimeo.

Karen bypasses all of this and digs into the bowels of troll websites to find information to post about our family and our business. She uses Quatloos, a forum who’s founders run a law firm that is under investigation for fraud in the UK with a record of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their clients. She also uses Metabunk as a reference, a forum who’s founder Mic West who has a background as a retired video game programmer who is fraudulently representing himself to be a scientist, a meteorologist, an engineer, a medical expert (among all other claims) and was caught lying about scientific data. He also has a notorious reputation of being a paid shill. Other examples of Karen’s “sources” include various anonymous troll comments and YouTube videos all of which are run by anonymous individuals with no background that can verified in any manner. Given this track record I would state that any information put out by Karen Irving around any topic cannot be considered accurate or credible.

I do not have any information on the cases of pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Hampstead. I wasn’t there and have nothing to do with any of them. For all I know all of these stories could have been made up and managed on both sides by the Tavistock institute as a way to manipulate the public. I’ve always been suspicious of this.

What I can say is that Hoaxtead and their mob have made continuous efforts to rope me, my family and our busienss into their storylines. One such example are the efforts of a Hoaxtead associate named “Sheva Burton”. Sheva (who appropriately named herself after the Goddess of destruction, how appropriate!) has been spreading gossip throughout comments sections, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or where ever she can find a way. It got so back I had to strike down her Youtube channel. I have another article written about this here.

When the Hoaxtead operation are not sending me death threats they are busy trying to frame me for a variety of crimes and threatening to get me arrested. They have a track record of doing this with others that they brag about. Last summer one of the people involved in their story-line had the police show up at her door and had all her technology confiscated. Within HOURS of this event I was suddenly deluged with messages from Hoaxtead sock puppet accounts telling me that I was next, that they were going to come get me and that I was going to be thrown in jail for all manner of fabricated crimes they were accusing me of. This is what these people do. I am watching them right now do it to others. The UK has an insanely corrupt court system (even worse that the US). The last few years the UK’s civil laws have gone from bad to worse.

Our business is run legitimately and I have employed two different law firms to consult with on this and other cases of defamation and harassment. Here is the main issue. It would cost me a starting rate of $4,000 PER OFFENSE in order to pursue legal actions. This rate goes up being as how several of these offenders would be across international borders. Tavistock knows this, which is why they get away with doing what they do. I do not have the thousands of dollars it would cost me to bring Karen Irving and the Hoaxtead operation through an international court case that would drag on for years and drain me of all my resources, time and energy.

With this being said I have decided to bring this into the court of public opinion through telling my story and presenting the evidence in this post and the others in this series. For clarification, these are the following basic civil rights laws that Karen Irving and the Hoaxtead Operation have broken with me, my family and our business:

Obstruction of Commerce / Hobbs Act Violation – interfering with our business transactions through threats or violence and corruption, and fraudulent reporting to third parties to interrupt business transactions.

Harassment – DAILY Threats to physically harm us, our family members, and our business via electronic messages and emails

Stalking – Surveillance and keeping a public file on all our daily activities

Slander / Libel – Writing blog posts and creating videos that are filled with accusations about us and our business that are not true.

Copyright and Trademark Violations- Hoaxtead has repeatedly uploaded our original content to third party platforms and used our business trademark and logo

Privacy Rights / Financial Privacy / GDPR Violations – Karen Irving and the Hoaxtead Operation have publicly posted our private information with the intent of making us vulnerable to cybercrimes and identity theft. This includes publishing our unlisted emails address, our IP address, our financial information (however incorrect) and our undisclosed physical address. They have also published this same type of information on other individuals which can be found in their stalking files.