Who is Hoaxtead Karen Irving

Learn more about the Satanic GCHQ Agenda that is Hoaxtead


Welcome the the video gallery. Here you will find a collection of educational videos about the Hoaxtead trolling operation. Please note that if at any time one of the video links is broken, we have a backup available. Please contact us and we’ll update the page with a new video link.

 Hoaxtead Tavistock and Karen Irvings Background. This is the video Karen has had blocked in the UK that she does not want you to see. It provides a good background to the origins of Hoaxtead.

How Covert Agents Infiltrate The Internet to Deceive and Destroy Reputations. This video is a full presentation primer that explains all the tactics used by Hoaxtead through the GCHQ.

Hoaxtead Defamation Blog is Run By Smartershift.com Marketing Firm. This video shows how Karen Irving and her husband Mitchell Beer run the Hoaxtead operation using their marketing strategies which are fully outlined on their marketing business that was hired by Ricky Dearman.

The criminal network of online trolls. This video gives and overview of how Hoaxtead and their many sock puppet accounts and spin off blogs operate and how they are all connected.

How Hoaxtead recycles the same information. This shows examples of how this network of trolls uses the same disinformation and recycles it and repeats it in order to confuse the public into believing its true.

The Satanic Occultist background behind Hoaxtead. This video shows evidence of how Hoaxtead are all openly practicing Satanists. Its there in plain sight.

The Defamation Videos made by Hoaxtead to target victims

The Illegal Stalking Files Hoaxtead Keeps on 86 Victims. Hoaxtead has stalked me, my family and all aspect of my life for 3 years. They keep this info and that of the 86 other victims in stalking files on their website. These files are public and give away peoples private information leaving them open and vulnerable.

Hoaxtead sends me pictures of dead children

Hoaxtead responsible for womans suicide

Hoaxtead death threats issued


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