Recently there was a conversation happening in the bottom of a Youtube comments section that I thought was important to capture. It was between Angela Power Disney and Abraham Christie. I did a screen capture video about it, which was then picked up by Tere Joyce, who did a longer video with some of her commentary on it. I felt it important enough to share here as there is much that is disclosed.  Below I’ve also posted links to related videos as well as some other screen shots.

HopeGirl & Tere Joyce Expose #Gossip Media: The Woman with the Polka Dot Mug #mk-ultra #polkadots


Link to video with me, Abe and Tere:

Link to Tere’s videos about APD:

Who is Angela Power Disney:

Angela Power Disney #RUPERTGATE

Angela Power Disney and the Woman in the Red Dress

Tweet I mentioned of German Guy Hoaxtead Troll tormenting people by sending them horrific videos of blood ritual satanic sacrifice. There it is, just out there in the open folks.

Twitter threads about APD accusations towards me:

stating I lived and worked in Hampstead, a place known for SRA and pedophile rings… and also stating that I did shows where I was advocating for pedophilia.   I am horrified beyond words at these accusations. When confronted with her lies, she doubled down claiming she can “verify” and has “proof”.  I have never even visited Hampstead and I certainly didn’t live there, nor did I do any shows where I advocated pedophilia!!!

Video of me reacting, while hearing 


 lie about me in a public video. #itsatrap #APDWORKSFORHOAXTEAD

Ammendment we have this evidence that all the sock puppet accounts are Ricky Dearman, as he has left his email address on the google drives hes uses to stalk people.