I don’t like to talk about this, but in 2014 I was abused by a sexual predator. As if this abuse wasn’t enough, the follow up abuse from torture psychotherapist Karen Irving and her Hoaxtead Mob was far worse and has lasted much longer. Currently Karen Irving is trying to present the “Facts” behind a case of covered up Satanic Ritual Abuse in Hampstead England.  Before anyone takes anything that Karen says at face value please hear my own personal testimony about what Karen Irving and Hoaxtead did to me. I am providing evidence of the torment that they have put me through as well as some background history behind Karen Irving so that you can see that her current tirade of abusing already abused victims started long ago in Canada.

My abuse took place in 2014. I was targeted because of my family energy project.  This happened BEFORE I met my now husband and we both gave our lives over to Jesus Christ and became born again Christians. I thought at one time that it would be helpful to make my abuse public by providing the events in full detail both through an autobiographic book and a public interview. I did this because at the time, my abuser had many other victims that were also contacting me wanting to start up support groups for what had been done to them by this man.  Another reason why I came forward, is because my abuser was being used as a key character witness in the Hampstead case. I thought it was best to let all those who were trusting in this man know the truth of his character.  I was the only women out of at least a half dozen that was willing to come forward.

After coming forward and sharing my testimony about my abuse, which was an extremely hard thing to do, I was then to be further abused by Karen Irving and her Hoaxtead mob because of my testimony. This abuse by them has gone on for close to three years and still continues to this day. Now before I tell you exactly what Karen and her Hoaxtead mob did to me (with plenty of screen shots and backup documentation), first I need to tell you what I found about Karen’s background, so that you can discern for yourself just what caliber of woman was assigned to torment me and many family along with at least 86 other people. 

Karen Irving’s Involvement with Covering Up Abuse at Residential Schools in Canada.

Karen Irving is a trained Psychotherapist from Canada. She has a Masters degree in Social Work. She began her career as a shrink  sent in to “council” abuse victims in the Residential Indian Schools in Canada. If you don’t know what happened in the Residential Indian Schools I strongly suggest you look it up. It was horrific abuse of the worst kind, a complete genocide of an entire people. Native Indian Children in Canada underwent torture and murder, many were buried in mass graves. Karen Irving was sent in to try to convince the victims that that they made it all up. There was one man who spent many years trying to bring the truth of the horrors that happened. He is backed by many testimonies of the children themselves (now adults) who underwent the abuse and watched their friends murdered. His name in Kevin Annette. I don’t know anything about him, all I know is I watched the testimonies of many of the victims in Canada describing what they had been through in HIS DOCUMENTARY MOVIE FOUND HERE.  Karen Irving’s job there in Canada was to cover up the abuse and later become the leader in a full out slander campaign against Kevin Annette using her Hoaxtead blog and her minions of sock puppet Youtube channel accounts. According to Karen, everything in Canada was all a big hoax, none of it was real and every one of those victims made everything up.   She then used the horrifying testimonies of her psychiatry clients as fodder to write crime/horror novels, which became best sellers in Canada.  Back then she was making money off the torture stories of other people. She is still doing it today.

Please see my article here for more background and documentation to back this up. In addition you can find many

posts on the Hoaxtead blog covering up the abuse, such as this excerpt here:

“Yep, it’s our old friend Kevin Annett, the defrocked United Church minister from Canada, who has “been responsible for an unusual number of hoaxes himself, from the wholly fictional “International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State” (ITCCS), to his false allegations of mass murders at First Nations residential schools in Canada, to his deranged claims that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had abducted, sexually abused, and killed several First Nations children from a residential school near Kamloops, B.C., while they were on a royal tour of Canada”.  From Hoaxtead Blog post here https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/charlotte-ward-judy-byington-and-kevin-annett-connecting-the-dots/

Karen Irvings Involvement with Covering Up Abuse in the Hollie Grieg Case.

From here Karen moved on to be a lead in a slander campaign against another horrible victim of abuse. Hollie Grieg.  In this case, Hollie Greig (a little Downs Syndrome Girl) and 7 other known victims were systematically raped and tortured by a known pedophile ring.  The details of the case go very deep. A good place to start would be this link here: https://antioligarch.wordpress.com/hollie-greig/  Karen Irving then used her Hoaxtead blog and her many sock puppet accounts in a slander campaign to discredit the victim of abuse Hollie Greig.  According to Karen, the whole case was a “Hoax”  and Hollie Grieg made it all up.  And Karen has made many concerted efforts to present as many fabricated story-lines as she can to give herself credibility.   In this case there were unbelievable amounts of injustices… I mean… the pedophile ring included a judge, care workers, a policeman, and other leading men and women of Scotland! The whole system of abuse was rigged to make sure it was covered up. And it is my opinion, based on her history and what she’s done to me, that the same thing is happening in Hampstead:  Karen Irving’s main job in life is covering up abuse and tormenting the victims of said abuse.

Karen Irvings Involvement with Covering Up Abuse in Hampstead

Karen Irving’s sister Wendy is married to a business partner of a trustee at the Christ Church Hampstead School. See this blog post here for reference. https://spidercatweb.blog/lars-wendy-jokestead It was in this school that horrifying abuse took place. The testimonies of two children that were directly involved with the abuse went viral on the internet. Karen Irving, with her background in covering up other major cases of abuse and good writing style was commissioned to fulfill the job of covering up the Hampstead abuse cases.  The Hoaxtead blog is believed to be started by the Father Ricky Dearman, who was accused of leading the Satanic cult that his children were abused in. In addition to being a Hollywood actor he also has a background in internet marketing and is responsible for the creation of hundreds of “sock puppet accounts” used to troll and torment anyone that would try to speak out against the abuse in the Hampstead case. Later on they would include other targets that had nothing at all to do with Hampstead, including me.

Karen Irving teamed up with Ricky Dearman to cover-up the abuse in Hampstead via a massive online targeting campaign centered around the Hoaxtead blog.  Karen Irving also lives in Hampstead and is good friends with many of the people who run the school including Rosalind Evans and Susan Banga, a fellow Psychotherapist that worked at Tavistock.   I’ve written another article here that goes more in depth behind this information for anyone who wishes to see that connection. Please bear in mind this is the article and video that Karen Irving is desperately trying to get blocked from the UK Internet. She does not want people to see this.

Karen Irving has run the Hoaxtead blog for the last 4+ years. It is a full-time operation for Karen with daily blog posts and comment sections filled with sock puppet accounts. (most of which are actually only 2 people) All of the content and its sock puppets are meant to attack witnesses and victims and cover up child sexual abuse and pedophile rings. Recently Karen played the lead role in “reporting” on a recent rigged case of Sabine McNeil who is now allegedly serving 9 years in prison for exposing the abuse.  I do have my own comments to make on the outcome of this trial, and Karen’s reporting on it, based on my own experience with her and her minions. I will save that for later on in this blog post. For now, let me continue on with my own personal testimony of what Karen Irving and Hoaxtead did to me.

The abuse that I endured from Karen Irving and her many Hoaxtead Sock Puppet Accounts.

After I came forward with my testimony of abuse, Karen Irving the “Psychotherapist” that is supposed to help victims of abuse, took my testimony about what happened to me and turned it into a tabloid freakshow article on her blog. In this article she mocked me, made fun of what happened to me, called me a liar and put my private case of abuse on display and encouraged a mob of anonymous commenters to attack me. Here is the article she wrote.


After this Karens many Hoaxtead sock puppet accounts went to work on harassing me on a daily basis. Karen Irvings sock puppets sent me pictures of dead children.

Karen Irving made a sock puppet account with the name and picture of my abuser and then used it to torment me, sending me grotesque quotes about sexual things that they wanted to do to me and to my mother.

Karen Irving made other sock puppet accounts taunting me with grotesque sexual commentary about me, my abuser and my husband.

And then there are the videos… dozens and dozens of videos made about me and my abuser, all put out by Karen Irvings sock puppet accounts. Here are screen shots of just a few, there were many more


Karen Irving repeatedly denies that she has anything to do with all these sock puppet accounts, which she calls “commentators” on the blog.   This is how she thinks she gets away with it. All of these sock accounts have been traced back to the commentators on the Hoaxtead blog. Karen promotes these sock accounts on the Hoaxtead blog. Throughout every article there are references to “Our good friends over at:  fill in sock puppet account name here”  Furthermore, all the sock puppet account videos all reference links back to the Hoaxtead blog. These sock puppet accounts are Karen Irving of Hoaxtead, its how she does her dirty work by shifting the blame onto anonymous figures that can’t be prosecuted.

Karens Abuse Continues to this Day

I have fought back against this harassment from Karen Irving for almost three years. I’ve had many of the videos taken down and I’ve done a lot of reporting to proper authorities.   Karen just wont stop, she’s been on a rampage against me and my business for all this time. Writing a dozen or so articles going after my family members and our business. Daily her sock puppet accounts taunt me and harass me throughout her comments sections and videos are still being made, up to 9 a day in some cases by Karen Irvings sock puppet Youtube channels.

I recently got onto Twitter to try to ask Karen directly to stop harassing me. To call off the constant abuse she and her minions of Hoaxtead has flung at me. Her answer was to bring up my abuse to taunt me. And have her sock puppet accounts make more lewd sexual comments around my abuser.   In the screen shots below “El Coyote” on twitter is Karen. UKCallum is one of Karens sock puppets, also believed to be Ricky Dearman.

This is the kind of “Psychotherapist” that Karen Irving is. She seeks after genuine victims of abuse so she can take her clients trusted testimonials and use it against them to taunt them and further abuse them. Which is what she’s done with the Residential schools in Canada by downplaying what happened there and saying that allegations of the real abuse was a hoax.  Its what she’s done with Hollie Grieg and also what she is now doing with Hampstead.  She is well trained in Tavistock methods of making a mentally well person mentally ill. She’s the shrink that the oppressors send in to cause further trauma to the victims and cover-up and downplay the abuse. Her Hoaxtead operation is filled with openly practicing Satanists and other aspects of the occult. One of her commenters is on her blog confessing to be participating in child sex trafficking kiddie porn websites.  Karen thinks this is ok, in fact she says this guy has better moral standards… I can’t even, all this makes me quite ill. I document this in this blog post here.

Karens Fat Jokes Hypocrisy from a woman who herself was morbidly obese

On another note, which of course if of much less severity, is the major hypocrisy and wall of “fat jokes” that is flung at me by Karen Irving and her sock puppets.   Karen Irving was morbidly obese most of her life. She had to have her stomach cut out in order to lose the weight. See this blog post here for the story in her own words.    And this woman is the one who makes comments, blog posts and videos with fat jokes and fat shaming references towards me. If she can be that hypocritical in this area, then she is more than likely to be a flaming hypocrite with everything else that comes out of her mouth.

Karen Irvings Current Kangaroo Court Extravaganza with Sabine McNeill

For the record I never had anything to do with the Hampstead case. I was roped in by Karen Irving and her band of Satanists. I honestly did not even hear about the details of the case until somewhere in 2016 which was a full year after the case was made public. It was only because I was so relentlessly trolled by Karen Irving and her Hoaxtead Satanists that I went and looked into the details of the case. I’ve watched all the testimony of the children describing what was done to them and I believe their testimonies. I also believe that there has been a tremendous amount of effort put into covering up their testimonies and silencing evidence.  There is evidence too by the way, medical reports that show the children’s abuse.   This was ignored… so much was ignored. 

Sometimes people assume that because I am a born again Christian that I am somehow ignorant to the horrors of what happens in this world.  That I wouldn’t believe in the testimonies of the Hampstead children or the Residential Indians in Canada, or the testimony of Hollie Grieg.  That such things were just “too diabolical” for a “Good Christian” girl like me. I guess some Christians who grow up in protected environments might have been sheltered from any such knowledge… and good for them. This is not the case with me. I’ve seen a lot, more than I ever wanted. I believe wholly in the deplorable acts of torture that have been done and I also see the spiritual warfare behind all of this. It is my considered opinion that things are only going to get worse before they get better… Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of lot and in the days of Noah… things were pretty rancid back in those days, we have arrived once again in such a time.

Now lets take another look at the grand show that was the case of Sabine McNeil. I’ll cut right to the chase, I think that whole thing was staged to try to give credibility to Hoaxtead cover-up efforts and to act as a deterrent for anyone else who would dare try to speak out about the abuse in Hampstead. 

Points to consider:

Karen Irving hid as an anonymous “El Coyote” sock puppet for 4 years behind her Hoaxtead trolling operation. It was only after she was outed by Cat Scott who did extensive research into Karen’s background that Karen came out of hiding.  It was shortly after Karen made herself public that she went out in public and allowed herself to be seen at Sabines Court case.

Karen Irving was the only person who was reporting on the intimate details of the case on a day to day basis. We are supposed to believe that she captured all of these dialogues of what happened in that courtroom with a paper and pencil… Karen Irving, a woman who made a living writing fictional stories… think about that.

When the verdict came from the case it was highly publicized on the same bought-and-paid-for main stream media outlets that also posted false articles to cover up the case in 2015.

We see that there was such a case registered on the court documents, but we have no idea exactly what went on in that courtroom.   Two other people who were trying to report on the case allegedly got silenced by court gag orders.  Any of the real witnesses that were supposedly giving their own testimonies are all under witness protection and no one is allowed to hear what they say.   All we got to go on is Karen Irvings word, and that isn’t much.

The case was held in a UK court, which is just as corrupt as they come. Who were the judges? Who were the Jury?  Most of those accused in this case are people in high ranking positions in the town. How do we know the whole court wasn’t rigged?  It was done so in the past with this case, why not again?

Sabine doesn’t add up. Who the heck is she? Why did she get herself involved? Really because she was in a Yoga class with the mother? Is that all you got?  How about Sabines background. She worked at CERN, she’s got Nazi ties and some accuse her of being a Satanist. How do we know she wasn’t planted in this storyline on purpose? Is she really in Jail now? Or did she get a special reward for being the staged scapegoat?  Let’s see proof that she’s in jail… last I checked Sabine was refusing to speak to anyone or at least that what we were told.

And Belinda Mckenzie… she has a proven background as MI5, I’ve had people come to me with testimonies about how she has been involved with destroying careers of individuals especially those at Energy Conferences.  She’s responsible for so much devastation.  Furthermore, she is the one that got MY ABUSER involved with the Hampstead case. Apparently, these operatives work together.

Perhaps the most diabolical thing of all when it comes to Karen Irving’s Reporting on the Sabine trial is this:   Step by step, everything she outlined as Sabines crimes in the case where the EXACT SAME THINGS that Karen Irving was doing to me for the last 3 years through her Hoaxtead blog. All of it. Every last little thing Sabine was supposedly accused of (do we really know?) read right out of the Tavistock GCHQ trolling manual.  The hypocrisy on this front was so stupendously huge it made my head spin.  

But after all, this is what one can expect when you are dealing with someone who is trained by twisted institutes to play diabolical head games with vulnerable people.

Do not trust this woman, she is not who she pretends to be. She’s a good actress and an evil shrink. Stay away at all costs, and definitely don’t let your children or any victims of abuse anywhere near her.