In this post we’re going to talk about a lot of things that Karen Irving of Hoaxtead doesn’t want to talk about. Her job is to throw as many red herrings and distractions at her audience as she can, in hopes that you will forget some of the major things that have been exposed against her will. Quite a few things have happened in the past couple of months around this Hoaxtead operation which appears to be quickly imploding in on itself. For over 4 years Hoaxtead operated in the shadows as a bunch of sock puppet accounts run by anonymous cowards. Then everything changed when Karen Irving was outed publicly by Cat Scott.  Layer by layer the real people and motives behind this blog has been exposed and the reactions are very telling.

Summary of Updates

Since this blog has been published, I have received contacts and updates from several other victims of Hoaxtead’s targeting. I do know that reports have been filed by several different people with the UK authorities for malicious communications act violations against Karen Irving. They are still being processed so we shall see how long that will take. If I were Karen, I’d be nervous and maybe stop flaunting my face all over Youtube screaming like a maniac… just a thought.

Also, some folks who knew Karen back when she was a Social Worker in Canada are coming forward with more information about her history. Apparently she was the Social Worker in Canadian Family courts that used to steal kids away from their families. Also, she may have had some involvement in the trafficking of native children that were sold into slavery. There are a bunch of Canadians that want to lynch her for what she’s done to them and that is the reason why she fled Canada and is harboring herself in the UK with her den of Satanic friends.  I’m still waiting for more validation on these claims, but figured I would put it out there for now to let you know that more information about this woman is indeed coming forward.

Other targets of the Hoaxtead Blog are also collecting their own records of evidence and proof of all the stalking and harassment that they have received. I’m glad to see that others feel motivated to fight back and stack up the evidence against them. If anyone would like for me to add their evidence data to the evidence library or Google drive, please contact me through the contact form. I would be happy to do it. People will see it, the blog stats are slowly rising and it seems that the key victims in this operation are all talking to each other about this blog. Its making the rounds.

Karen and the Hoaxtead crew are cornered and they are acting quite “out of character”, even for them. Perhaps all this exposure is really cramping their style. This group that copies everything I say, stalks every move I make, and is completely obsessed with me, suddenly grew stone cold quiet the moment all the blog posts exposing Karen’s family members and Ricky Dear-man came out.  Karen is pretending that she’s just “not interested in me anymore”  But I know this is not the truth. It was abrupt and I’m sure she called a meeting with Ricky Dear-man to say they need to change direction and divert peoples attention away from the content I am putting out about them. Which is what they did by jumping onto another group of victims to troll and changing the subject.  And that folks, is the heart of the matter. This is what they don’t want you to pay attention to. Maybe they think that it will all just go away? But it won’t.  They are sitting ducks and they know it.

For now, Hoaxtead is resorting to censoring everything they can. They are blocking the YouTube videos exposing them in the UK. They are blocking the sharing of these exposure blogs on Facebook. But two can play at that game, I’ve managed to get Karen’s video about me blocked in the UK for defamation, I got a strike on Ricky Dear mans YouTube channel, and two more Hoaxtead sock puppet channels have come down.

Hoaxtead is a net of lies. They fabricate criminal reports, pretend to have legal standing, omnipresent jurisdiction over the whole world, and base everything off of corrupt kangaroo court systems.  Most of what they do is a house of cards, an illusion that is rapidly shattering before our eyes. The entire operation exists solely as the front lines of a massive cover up of exposed Satanic Ritual Abuse and pedophile rings in the UK.

Lets talk about the corrupt court systems of the UK

Two kids gave their testimonies that uncovered a Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile ring in Hampstead England. The mother and stepfather of the children tried to get justice for what happened to these kids. The problem is, the whole damned system in the UK is corrupt to the core and most of the people involved in the court systems were part of this pedophile ring themselves. Every person it seemed had an agenda to cover up what had been exposed, from the police that interviewed the kids, to the judge that sabotaged the case.  I asked the stepfather what happened at the main trial around this, and he told me there was no real trial, just a room full of Freemasons and Talmudic Jews that where controlling the narrative.  One look at the main “trial” leaves a person with a million questions. Its full of holes, ignored medical evidence and signs of obvious corruption. One day that judge is going to have to answer for her part in this.

The UK has increasingly been violating basic human rights and I feel bad for the good people that are there trapped in its police state grip. The UK is ground zero for the phenomenon of gang-stalking and electronic harassment where microwave weapons are used on the general population.   Just recently we see how a group of 9 “social workers” broke into a mans house with a taser to forcible section him in this horrifying video here. If this happened in America, each one of those social workers would have been shot on sight.  And this is what the UK does, they love to section people or throw innocent people in jail.  Hoaxtead is aware of this which is why they are constantly threatening to throw people in jail or section them. However this gets awkward when they try to threaten people who don’t live in the UK. You see, some people in England still think that they own and control every other country on the planet. And when it blatantly obvious that they don’t, they throw a tantrum.

Lets talk about Hoaxtead’s Fabrication of Criminal Records

This is literally what they do, they make up a bunch of bogus charges, dates, convictions on a “rap sheet”. Then they post this all over the internet to fool people into thinking its real.   Here is one example. Not one of these charges can be verified as being real. They simply made it up.

abes fake rap sheet

I’ve seen them do this with many people including myself. When I try to look into any of their allegations, or look at their “evidence” it is all vapors. Nothing that can be verified or validated by any real third party. Its all fake folks.


Lets talk about Ricky Dearman, the bogus “protected witness”

Ricky Dearman is the Father of the children who exposed the SRA pedophile ring in Hampstead. They testified that he is the leader of the Satanic Cult.  He is a Hollywood actor with big connections. He is also the main driving force behind the entire Hoaxtead operation. If you ever want to drop him a line and let him know what you really think of him you can easily do so by contacting him on his latest and most used sock puppet account: UKCallum on Twitter or Elementary Penguin on Youtube.

uk callum is ricky dearman

Hoaxtead goes on and on about a “protected witness” and want you to believe that no person in the entire world is allowed to even say the mans name, and if they do they will immediately be sectioned or thrown in jail. They constantly put red censorship marks over screen shots of other people comments who say his name or use his picture.  No really, they get all bent out of shape over this. Why? Cause he’s their boss, he’s even Karen Irving’s boss.  He started the Hoaxtead blog, hired Karen and her husband Mitchell and daughter Rachel to run it and he still plays an integral role in its daily content. Over 50% of the comments and content on the Hoaxtead blog are all Ricky Dearman.


ricky dearman hampstead coverup hoaxtead

Notice how Hoaxtead will pound out thousands or articles using innocent peoples legal names and photos, they will made video after video about the mother of the kids or their stepfather. But they never ever once cover the side or the legitimate details of Ricky Dearman? Think about that for a moment.

Recently I asked for some sort of proof that there was a court order in place that actually protects Ricky Dearman and forbids you to say his name. I also wanted to see that any such order has jurisdiction in countries outside of jolly old England. Guess what? There isn’t any. Hoaxtead will give you links to their blog posts as the “evidence”. This isn’t real folks. However, what happened to those kids in Hampstead, Is.

Lets talk about the open confession of kiddie porn trafficking that took place on the Hoaxtead website

On the Hoaxtead website, there was a full conversation that took place in their comments section where one of their long time commentators, a Satanist by the name of James Hind started to confess that he was participating in online child porn communities that are also involved in child trafficking.   I was shocked that Hoaxtead would be stupid enough to allow this conversation to be published.

satanic views admits to being on a pedo site


Lets talk about how Karen Irving has incriminated herself for the last 4 years.

Upon first glance it is obvious to any person with two brain cells that the Hoaxtead Blog is a trash gossip tabloid written by morons. It’s a Joke that only incriminates Karen further.  Karen has created her own established record of slagging off people for four years. How she thinks anyone will not notice this is beyond me.

karen irving hoaxtead fraud

Lets talk about Hoaxtead Data Mining, a warning to others targeted by Hoaxtead.

One of the main purposes of this trolling operation is to gather personal data on targets. They have many different tactics that they use, all of this is outlined in great detail in a presentation I did showing the GCHQ training manual of online covert operations against a target. With this being said I have had more attempts to data mine my personal information than I can count. These attempts range from people asking me a series of extremely inappropriate questions about my personal details that they have no business knowing, to baiting tactics used by internet trolls.  The later is what I want to discuss and warn other targets about.

Hoaxtead trolls use baiting tactics in the following manner: they make up a bold lie about your personal life and flaunt it in front of your face in order to get you to emotionally react and defend yourself. It is through this emotional reaction that you voluntarily give out your personal information to them. This is how they harvest your data which they then will use to attack you or hurt you later on.

Karen Irving has done this to me many times and is perplexed when I don’t fall for it. One of her recent comments made about me: “I don’t  understand, nothing phases her, no matter what we say about her, we make fun of her weight, her religion and nothing seems to phase her”.

With that said, should any normal person outside of the Hoaxtead trolling operation ever wish to know anything more about me or my business the information is very easily available on any one of my business websites. Technical information about our energy project is also available (in very high quality detail might I add) on these websites. If you want to know our story, we made a feature length documentary film addressing that.  Any information about  our products, our research, or our business is all there and easy to read.  However if you want to know my physical house address, or my banking details, or my medical documentation, or my social security number, or explicit details of my family members, or any other private information about me… tough luck.

Lets talk about Karen’s ignorance of other cultures and religions

Karen and the rest of the Hoaxtead crew really need to brush up on their education of other world cultures and religions. I know they still suffer from thinking that they run the world, but their ignorance is embarrassing to say the least.  You see Karen have made up a story in their minds that they can point their Satanic finger at anyone they want, accuse them of being a criminal and then get a foreign country to do their bidding.  Below is one example of many of where Karen thinks that she can get the Morocco police to arrest me with no evidence, no proof, no criminal record, no jurisdiction and no crimes committed.  This sort of nonsense might work in the UK, but it doesn’t work in Morocco.


karen irvings gone quiet


What Karen and the Hoaxtead crew need to get through their thick skulls is that Morocco is a Theocracy. Which basically means that they still include God in their laws and all that liberal nonsense of the Western world just isn’t going to fly here. In fact it’s a major clash of cultures and Morocco does not take kindly to it at all. Morocco is 98 % Suni Muslim and Satanism and Homosexuality are Illegal here. Morocco arrested 14 people for wearing Satanic T shirts at a heavy metal concert, and homosexuality is punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

Imagine if you will, a Moroccan official taking one glimpse at Karen’s Hoaxtead website where all they see are Satanists, skulls, bones, rituals to Odin and sodomites. Karen, do you honestly think, you DAFT woman, that any Moroccan official would take you seriously?  Your “kind” is NOT welcome here. You have no ground to stand on and it infuriates you.

karen irving satanist hoaxtead


Lets talk about Karens ignorance of expat communities

Karen thinks your stupid enough to believe that just because a person lives in a country other than the one they were born in, this means they must be fugitives of some kind. I am repeatedly being accused of this by Karen and her Hoaxtead goons because I am an American Expat living in Morocco. Recently Karen’s been on a tear digging around grasping at straws regarding things like my marriage certificate, my passport, my legal standing etc. Honey, you really need to stop your making a fool out of yourself. Please allow me to dumb this down for you Karen and give you a little education on what it means to be an Ex-pat.

Worldwide there is a community of 50.5 million Expats. There are people who choose to leave their home country and live in another country. People choose to do this for a variety of reasons, most of which are global business opportunities. In the last 10 years there has been a significant growth in the amount of Expats in the world. So much so that an entire industry of services offered to Expats has emerged to cater to this growing market.  There are accounting services for Expats to file taxes, there are online notary’s for Expats for legal or government documentation, there are Passport renewal services for Expats (have you never heard of an Embassy you dimwit?), there are International Lawyers for Expats, and yes there are even marriage services for Expats. Shock and awe, I know!

Morocco has a thriving Expat community.  I came here 5 years ago because I fell in love with this country, its culture and its people.  I also came here because of a treaty between America and Morocco and an incentive set up by the King of Morocco to invite foreign investors into this country to start up new businesses.

I know that all of this can be really confusing for people who are not Expats or who choose to never leave their country. And there’s always open questions around these things. Please be assured folks that it really isn’t rocket science. You just need to read a lot of international policy and inform yourself on how to live overseas.  50 million people do it every day.  And no Karen, that doesn’t make them a fugitive of some kind.


karen irving hoaxtead criminal

Hoaxtead used to get its power from operating in the shadows on anonymous sock puppets. They are not taking this exposure well. Its knocking them off their game and everyone can see it, plain as the wart on Karen’s nose.