The Hoaxtead Blog, which is an operation meant to protect Satanist Pedophiles and coverup abuse and murder of children in Hampstead London has promoted quite a lot of seedy characters. Karen Irving, the leader of the Hoaxtead Blog debauchery site has been an avid cheerleader for folks like “Satanic Views” James Hind, who was caught red handed sharing excerpts of his activity on child sex trafficking sites. Then she promoted Mark Dansie of “Revolution Green” who’s long term business partner is spending 32 years in prison for raping toddlers.  Then she promoted “Grob Nob” Chris Brindle, an ex con who’s bestie is a convicted pedophile, also in prison.  These are just a few of many, and now we have one more to add to the list.

Meet “Waptek” AKA “Waptek2”

He’s this creepy guy:

Waptek has made numerous videos lying about me and my family’s business where he pretends to be a scientist of sorts…

He’s made more videos about me, but you get the point.   In his most recent video he even constructed a “timeline” referencing many of the shill hit pieces written about our family. I tried to be nice, so I left this comment on the latest video.

But then I found this:

Waptek is William A Price, a homeless pedophile in Portland Oregon USA.  An old website called “Cyber Warnings Alerts Online” caught some extremely disturbing screenshots of Waptek’s sexual activities online. Here is the link to the archive on the wayback machine

Here are a couple of the most disturbing screenshots you can read for yourself. These are coming from his REAL accounts. This is Waptek himself saying these things:

Honestly at first I thought that this was just another unfortunate crazy person who had nothing better to do than make videos about me. I actually felt kind of bad for him. But now that I’ve seen this I am repulsed beyond belief. Everyone who watches this guys videos or promotes him (here’s looking at you Karen Irving and Sheva Burton) needs to see specifically what kind of perverted sick reprobate scum they are promoting as a “reputable scientist”. People who live in Portland Oregon need to make sure this guy is registered on the sex offenders crime list and for the love of God, KEEP HIM AWAY FROM KIDS AND GET HIM OFF THE INTERNET!

You guys are getting really sloppy. Its like your not even trying to cover up your evil anymore. My message to Waptek: REPENT! Fall on your face before the living God and beg for mercy for what you have done to innocent children.

Side Note:

If your reading this and have no idea of the history behind it just a quick note to fill you in:
My family are accredited engineers, scientists and business owners. Our project is housed inside of a PRIVATE members only online Engineering Academy where we store all of our schematics, reports, testing results and other professional information. We have been targeted online by many shills over the years, several of which are sick satanic pedophiles, who have NO ACCESS to our project information and have made up stories about who we are and what we do in order to try to shut us down. It hasn’t worked then, and it won’t work now.