As a result of trying to openly share innovative engineering information on a free platform such as Youtube, we were targeted with horrendous defamation video campaigns. There have literally been hundreds of videos made about myself, my family, our business and our energy project. These videos range in scope and attack us at every angle. Some videos twist our engineering information to fool the public. Other videos falsely accuse us of criminal acts. The list goes on and on. At one point dozens of Youtube channels were creating up to 9 videos per day about us. The purpose was to flood the internet with lies and clog up any SEO search options to push our content out of the market. Well that and also to confuse the public about our device and attempt to discredit us and defame our character. These videos used pictures of us, they infringed on our trademarks, our company logos and they copied and stole our video content.

I started fighting back and many of the videos were successfully deleted from the internet. They continue to this day and I continue to have these Youtube channels taken down through my own various efforts. I have saved many screen shots of the videos for evidence. I personally stopped counting after 50 channels were taken down. But according to the troll channel accounts they claim that I caused them to loose 136 channels and over 3,000 videos.

Here are some examples of the videos made about us with twisted engineering information to confuse the public about our project.

These videos were made by an internet troll named “Doazic”. I contacted him for 4 years asking him to take down the slanderous videos. He did not respect my wishes, so I started striking his channel. He was very close to loosing his entire channel so he was forced to delete the videos. I made this video below documenting the whole experience and describing why I struck his channel. It also shows his disgruntled response as he curses at me while deleting all the videos.

The channels that troll our family are empty sock puppet Youtube accounts. They change their names on a regular basis and they all operate under the cover of darkness. However, most of them can be tracked to the Hoaxtead Operation. Here are someof the trolling youtube channels that target our family.

Here are some more screen shots of only some of the many hundreds of videos that these channels have made harassing me and my family.

Here are more trolling channels that target our family. You’ll see we keep a record on how many of them have been taken down.

Here is an explanatory video I made showing all the different channels as they were getting taken down.

This next image is a screen shot using Tubebuddy, a paid for program that allows you to see what keywords other Youtubers use to target and tag their videos. You can see in the bottom right hand corner under “tags” that they are targeting me and members of my family and our business by using our legal names. This is an attempt to ensure that search engine optimization results defames our names and our business.

A common lie that the Hoaxtead Blog Leader Karen Irving will state is that these Youtube channels are not connected to the Hoaxtead Blog. They most certainly are very much so connected. All of these videos have links to the Hoaxtead blog in the description and then the blog itself posts all these videos in their blog posts and comments section. The writers of the blog also comment in on the Youtube videos, and promote them via twitter and upload them to the stalking files on the Hoaxtead blog. This is all part of how their entire network operates. I created two explainer videos demonstrating how this works.

In this video I show how all the sock puppet accounts and Blog accounts work together to recycle the same disinformation between them and how they are all connected.

In this next video I explain the bigger scope of these criminal online trolling networks and how they operate.

There is also another particular story of a Trolling channel take down that I did against a Hoaxtead Troll named Sheva Burton. I decided to share the story behind this in its own blog post here.

These documented efforts of the harassment of my family and the outright vandalization of our work is the reason why we host most of our high quality engineering videos on a members only platform.