This is Mitchell Beer. He is Karen Irvings husband. Together they run the the “Hoaxtead” blog that has been trolling and harassing 100 or more targets. They use their online marketing firm to operate the blog and all their social media accounts. They were hired by Ricky Dearman to do this in order to threaten and discredit witnesses to cover up a pedophile ring in Hampstead England. Mitchell Beer also works for the energy industry. Below are pictures of him and links to his websites and social media accounts. Also be sure to read THIS ARTICLE  for a full presentation where I show you how Mitchell Beer and Karen Irving use their marketing strategies outlined on their website to run the trolling operation that is Hoaxtead.

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About this post:

This information was published in retaliation against a 3 year harassment and stalking campaign against me and my family. In this time I, along with up to 100 other targets, have been victims of a horrendous stalking campaign created and managed by the “Hoaxtead” Blog. This blog has written thousands of articles targeting people for defamation purposes and has also run hundreds of anonymous sock puppet accounts and has created hundreds of videos.  The blog is run by Karen Irving and her husband Mitchell Beer and daughter Rachel Irving through their family online marketing company  They were hired by Ricky Dearman to discredit witnesses around a massive pedophile / SRA ring coverup in Hampstead England.

They have used my photo, my family’s photos and legal names, published my address, my financial information and unlisted email’s to leave me vulnerable for attacks. I have received countless death threats and harassing messages in my inbox most of which are of a vulgar, violent and sexual nature.

For all background and evidence of this please see the other articles and videos on this blog. I have collected 3 years worth of screen shots and proof of what this Hoaxtead operation has done against me and my family.

I honestly just want the constant harassment to stop. If Karen Irving of Hoaxtead are willing to delete the following I will remove this blog post. All you need to do is use the contact form to contact me.

Deleted the 15 defamatory articles you’ve written about me.
Delete all comments you’ve written about me at the bottom of every one of your blog posts from the last 3 years.
Delete the hundreds of videos (or whatever is still up) that you’ve made about me from Youtube.
Make no further comments, articles, or harassing messages towards me, my family or our business in the future.

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