The following is a direct re-blog from Cat Scott. This is her brilliant research, not mine. This was the post that forced Karen Irving to reveal her true identity after she spent FOUR YEARS hiding behind the anonymous multiple sock puppets of “El Coyote” and “Snake Logan” and many others. She trolled and stalked up to 100 people at least under her Hoaxtead Blog, including me and my entire family. I found it hard to find Cat’s original post so I asked her permission to re-blog it here, which she granted. Here is the original link.!14097&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AOf147Eh0u7z-So

Karen Irving is El Coyote & Snake Logan



LMFAO!!  Somebody is SO BOTHERED by my vids that they just got vimeo to remove BOTH of them lol. This one HERE & this one HERE  Gee, I WONDER WHY?  

KAREN IRVING is a Canadian writer & author of the Katy Klein mystery novel series. 
Born in VictoriaBritish Columbia, D.O.B Oct 2nd 1957. Daughter of Gordon (a master mariner) and Shirley (a securities officer; maiden name, Boyer) 
Educated at Dalhousie Uni, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, where she received her master’s degree in Social Work in 1988. Married Mitchell Beer (a conference publisher) on April 27, 1984 & they have 2 children. Irving currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario. 
Katy Klein series of mystery novels. Set in OttawaOntario, it revolves around the central themes of Jewish culture and astrology. The series follows the adventures of Katy Klein, former staff psychologist turned astrologer, Jewish single mother of a militant teen vegetarian, and reluctant amateur detective.  

Pluto Rising (1999), the first in the series, was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel by the Crime Writers of Canada  


 1999 – Pluto Rising A former psychologist turned professional astrologer takes on a new client, putting her family at risk. See all 7 customer reviews 
 2000 – Jupiter’s Daughter Katy tries to help the daughter of a woman who died suspiciously and gets mixed up with a fundamentalist church. 
 2002 – Mars Eclipsed Katy takes her daughter to an astrologers’ retreat where another attendee turns up dead.   customer reviews archive  

Strangely, I can’t find ANY pictures of Karen Irving, which is very surprising considering she is an author. 


If you click el coyote on hoaxtead, it takes you HERE  a. Yesterday, someone called Snake was on Flow Destroyers live stream. Turns out it was Snake Logan aka El Coyote 

Below left is a screenshot of the livestream, right is SNAKE LOGAN’S YOUTUBE ACC a   

Funnily enough Snake/Coyote is female! & you will never guess what accent she has.    

Yip!    Got it in one.    CANADIAN! & you can only imagine my surprise to find youtube removed the video But not to worry, I’ve PLENTY OF COPIES! & for a short video, the following sure has HEAPS of info.  THIS IT REALLY IS A MUST WATCH  


THIS KAREN IRVING is on G+ & states she is a…  “Writer, editor, former social worker, passionate about family, addicted to fibre arts”  

So I’m thinking that’s her! 
Unfortunately her blog is locked & there was apparently only enough room for 1 of her eyes in her profile pic..  Although luckily there is a link to her twitter profile  a (@knitgeekery)  & yes she is indeed Canadian.. & female! 

& OH LOOK!  Above left, would be Karen Irving a LOOOONG time ago! Going by the GLEBE REPORT Oct 1999 (R). Karen USED to live in GLEBE OTTAWA, & she may still! 


According to wiki HERE IT IS & Google maps agrees that THIS IS GLEBE 

 Karen is also mentioned in 2001-02 Glebe Report PDF, but no picture 

HERE we have millions of Glebe Reports. I am sure Karen will be mentioned in plenty & I looked through a few but didn’t see Karen in them.  

This articlea is written by Karen’s husband. Mitchell Beera 



VERY SIMILAR EH?!! The dog video I found HERE 

on this channel 

NOPE!  Nothing even remotely similar here at all! 

Karen’s been a busy little beaver. She’s cleaned her Facebook account.  SHOCKER! Quick, but not quick enough! Many thanks to anon who sent me the Screenshot below 

More on Sarah Brown.. 

PLEASE WATCH   (length – 43mins) 

REALLY ODD things have been happening in the past few days.. 

Not only have I had THREE videos taken down, but yesterday I also had a Facebook post removed! The dog video that I used for the voice comparison sound bite, I originally found here on Karen Irving’s youtube channel 

BUT OH LOOK.. IT’S GONE! What a surprise! 

So, the channel belonging to KAREN IRVING THE AUTHORwhich only had two videos. One of which had been there for over FOUR years. Then all of a sudden, both the videos have been removed?! 

COINCIDENTALLY within 36 hours of me using one of them in my blog….. Aye, okay! 

It must have been Karen herself that removed the videos because she changed the picture of the cat at the same time & nobody would ever change someone elses profile pic! Hey ho, It’s just as well I took a screenshot beforehand then eh?!! 

Left, you can clearly see the two videos & grey cat.  

Right, screenshot i took yesterday, where the cat pic has changed & the two videos are gone. 

The first video that i had removed can be discluded – Video ONE, I put on youtube the same day I published THE blog (Aug 20th) It was removed the very next day (21st Aug) due to Flo Destroyer making a copyright claim. Fair enough.  

But the circumstances surrounding the rest, I find rather more.. bizarre! 

They were all about exactly the same thing. Canadian author, KAREN IRVING & Hoaxtead’s one & only EL COYOTE. 

TWO DAYS AFTER I published THE blog that oh-so-subtly hints that Mrs Karen D Irving is El Coyote! I updated it with Videos TWO& THREE 

They were both put up on vimeo mid afternoon on Aug 22nd.  

But by late afternoon they had both been removed.  

They’d only been up a couple of hours at the most?! 

THEN, mid-morning on the 24th Aug, I went on to my facebook page & LO & BEHOLD if my post that I’d put up very late the night before, hadn’t vanished in the space of about approx 10 hours. & yip! It was about Karen Irving being El Coyote! 

So, IF I am wrong (as hoaxtead would have people believe!) & Karen D Irving IS NOT El Coyote. Then, someone PLEASE EXPLAIN the following? 

HOW ON EARTH did the Canadian author Karen Irving, who LIVES IN CANADA, managed to come across me?! A nobody, a unknown who lives in the Sottish Highlands?  Not only must she have heard of me, but she CLEARLY follows me on either my blog, my twitter account, my facebook page or my relatively new vimeo account. Perhaps even all of them!! LOL    

How else could she possibly have known I’d even made the videos?  

There are only a few possibilities that I can think of. WITHIN TWO HOURS of me uploading the videos, a woman halfway across the world, who doesn’t know me, would’ve had to either…. 

1 - magically just have known about the videos & headed straight to precisely the correct place on vimeo? 

2 -  miraculously decided to go to the site of a blogger she’ll have never have even heard of & manage to find THE blog that ”coincidentally” happens to be about her? 

  Or maybe by THE MOST INCREDIBLE LUCK she unintentionally found the only person on social media to have blogged about her & went via the one & only link I put on either Facebook or Twitter? 

4 – Or perhaps, WITHIN TWO HOURS of me uploading the vids, Karen Irving was by pure chance surfing the internet when she JUST SO HAPPENED to completely randomly stumble upon them. A FORTUITOUS ACCIDENT! 

Assuming she managed any of the above,  She would then have had to be SO HORRIFIED or OFFENDED or ANGRY or IRRITATED that I’d had the AUDACITY to heavily hint that she may actually be somebody that she’s no chance of ever having heard of. 

That she IMMEDIATELYDROPPED EVERYTHING, so she could rush off to fill in the Vimeo complaints form (see video below) so as to get the HEINOUSLY OFFENSIVE yet surprisingly short videos taken down! Now does ANY of that sound even remotely likely to you? Cause, in my opinion, all of that……  IMPOSSIBLE             

PLEASE WATCH     (length – 1 min 30 sec)                     

But if Karen Irving REALLY IS El Coyote, well suddenly it ALL becomes crystal clear!  

& if all that STILL doesn’t convince you, ask yourself this… 

Why, if she has known since I first blogged it, has she gone to all that trouble to get video’s & Facebook posts removed. Filled in forms etc, Yet not bother to take 2 seconds to contact me & just asked me to take it down?  My email address & links to every social media account I’ve ever owned is in hundreds of different places all over the Internet. Hell, she could even have left a comment on the actual blog whilst she was there reading it. lol….   But she didn’t.  



According to toothless, they are both linked 2 Tavistock   

Susan Banga Friends With Karen Irving Flag My Videos  archive 

Published on Jul 18, 2015 

Video 1: A Day In The Life Of A Susan Banga  

Video 2:… 

Connection with Hampstead, Paul Evans [lives in H’stead], trustee of the Christ Church School, is closely affiliated with Karen’s sister, Wendy, her husband worked with Paul Evans. 

“Lars is married to Wendy, a Canadian, and has three children. His hobbies include golf, skiing, and hiking.” 

Lars, (Karen’s bro in law) & Paul Evans are directors in same company. In fact NUMEROUS companies   archive  

photo of Simon BEER with Paul Evans Wife Roz 

Simon Beer linkedIn – Head of Learning and Skills, Haringey Council 

BEER same as Karen’s hubby Mitchell Beer. Related? 

Jon / Nathan Wedger was part of Baby P investigation & Hampstead 

MS ROSALIND EVANS-FLAGG Heath Lodge Heathside, Hampstead, NW3 1BL 

MR PAUL JOHN EVANS Heath Lodge Heath Side, Hampstead, NW3 1LB 

TRL PROPERTIES LIMITED   Heathlodge Heath Side, Hampstead, NW3 1BL    

INTERMOVE LIMITED  Central Way, Park Royal, London, NW10 7XW 


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Hubby’s Work articles mentioning Karen


(Public Relations and Communications

President of SMART SHIFT (there since 1984) 

Address: 858 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3W3, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-594-5960 

Toll Free: 800.265.3973 

ext. 225 



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