As part of this larger report I thought it best to dedicate an entire post to one particular Troll named Sheva Burton. This is because the story behind Sheva demonstrates three different aspects of the operation that has been set up to attack citizens and suppress disruptive technology and emerging business.

Plays the Victim Card

If you were to encounter Sheva Burton online you will no doubt get a sob story about how she is a victim of abuse by her target. She’ll claim she is just an innocent bystandard who is constantly attacked out of the blue by people and she doesn’t even know why. She is playing a very specific role from the training manual of GCHQ tactics called “Play the Victim” as you can see here direct from the GCHQ training slides instructing agents on how to discredit their targets.

Sheva Burton has even created a couple of “Fake Victim Blogs” They appear to be set up as a support group to help provide therapy or counseling for victims of abuse. There are no resources or content of any perceived value on these blogs. The only content on the blogs are Sheva’s personal diatribes against people she’s targeting. The blogs also act as a means of data collection meant to lure in unsuspecting real victims of abuse so that they can be re-targeted. All of this is done using reverse psychology, calling the real fake, calling the fake real. All meant to confuse and discredit others.

Here are screen shots from her fake victim blogs: Incrimination and Gossip

One of the reasons why so many people are angry with Sheva Burton is because she makes up a lot of stories about people and spreads them in comments sections all over the internet. I’ve seen Sheva write some mini novella comments on Youtube videos weaving tall tales about people. As for me and my family, Sheva started digging into my past and based her information on rumor mills and trolling channels. She would take random pieces of information and twist them into a whole new narrative, usually one that had me committing some kind of criminal act.

In 2014 I was promoting our family project and our new business. To do this I traveled around the world and spoke as a key not speaker at conferences. I met with and took photos with hundreds of people I met while on tour. I went on a lot of radio shows and youtube videos to promote our project. This is what people are are project managers and key note speakers do to promote a new project. Its kind of like how the president of a country travels around a lot and takes a lot of photos with different people from other nations and businesses. Its basic public relations, and I am a basic basic woman. Just because there was a photo op does not mean that the two people in the photo know each other in an intimate manner or are conspiring together in some sort of crime.

Its hard to keep track of all her accusations as she is really scattered, but I’ll do my best to summarize it here and provide some screen shots.

She accuses me of being a member of Sacha Stones Harem, being involved in creating a tribunal in London, trafficking children, and aiding and abetting the torture of children in Morocco. Then there are dozens of fragmented implications of my involvement with people I don’t even know, and she makes a giant mess of dates, often quoting two events that happened many years apart as if they happened in the same week. Here’s screen shots of some of her comments, lets see if you can make heads or tails of what she’s getting at? Her statements are incoherent to say the least. It reads like computer generated fragments. It could also be writing while intoxicated? Either way these comments do not come from a sound mind.

In this comment Sheva Burton is fabricating all sorts of stories about me and my business project trying to link it to child abuse. She writes a whole bunch of names together insinuating that I’m somehow connected with them all. Plus she starts throwing dates around trying to state that I was somewhere when I was not. All the dates she states here are wrong, she’s mixing up facts and false dates to try to frame us for crimes.

Again… more comments stating that I am involved in child abuse

Accusing me of being in exile from the US Law…

Sheva Burton Implying that my business (the QEG) is suspected of a dark agenda meant to harm children

Sheva Burton trying to frame me for having something to do with torturing children in Morocco

More of Sheva Burton trying to frame me for abusing children in Morocco

Her accusations infuriate me. But who would expect any other kind of reaction when your being accused of such horrific acts as the ones she insinuates? I don’t have anything to do with any of the people or activities she mentions in her ramblings. I don’t even know who or what she’s talking about. She’s a raving lunatic! But if this wasn’t enough, she goes even further as we’ll see when she decides to become a Gestapo like leader of a lynch mob against my business.

Obstruction of Commerce

As a human being in a free society you have a right to create a product or service that is of value to others so that you can earn an honest living. This is basic commerce and small business entrepreneurship. Starting and running your own successful small business is something that the communist regimes that control internet trolls hate. They will do anything to try to shut your business down and prevent you from providing a living for yourself and your family. They want you to be destitute and relying on the State welfare handouts just like these trolls are. (Most of them are on free money government benefits of some kind, or funded by front operations of George Soros)

Using corrupt or illegal means of trying to shut down someones business is called obstruction of commerce. It is a direct violation of the Hobbs Act which states:

“Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of”

The Hobbs Act is often used in cases involving public corruption and commercial disputes.

To put it simply, it is illegal to go around doing things that are intended to shut down someones business. This includes slander, defamation and false reporting.

Sheva Burtons False reporting campaigns

Sheva created, organized and implemented a campaign that instigated a lynch mob to target me and my business by submitting mass fraudulent reports about my business and videos to Youtube, ActionFraud, Internet Watch Foundation, CEOP, NCA and other agencies. This was a direct assault and attempt to put me out of business. And it was all based on lies that she fabricated about me and had absolutely no evidence of. Here is the directive of her campaign in her own words from her own website.

In case that was hard to read in JPG format here it is in text:

We are here to expose and stop them. Please help, if you are able to. HoaxGirl: Naima Dawn Feagin #QEGScam is desperate to silence her critics: Please report QEG videos as Spam/Misleading, then frauds/scams. Also her Orgonite videos, a supposed cure all banned by FDA. She has engendered troll mass attacks on channels critiqueing or exposing her and colluded with Angela Power Disney and OpDeatheaters to sabottage decent survivors & advocates, simultaneously promoting liars, hoaxers and frauds. You can also report any crimes to ActionFraud, Internet Watch Foundation, CEOP, NCA, depending on type and scope….. the scope of the associates of Fresh Farts as The Scott led Fresh Start Fakes is wide and devious. We are here to expose it and help those harmed by them as much as possible. I’m also wanting to put up a ‘Please Report’ page….. with help on how to, and lists of who to report, time stamps of reports, helpful to make it quick n easy, with a brief reasons & evidence as unlike Angie, HopeGirl, Weaselly and all the hoaxers, I am not advocating striking or reporting for the sake of anything, but to help disable crooks and charlatans, abusers and fraudsters, scammers and saboteurs of survivors inquiries/events/campaigns…..and false accusers by the same……not forgetting those crying false flag and mocking real victims of real tragedies who have co created or promoted this most vile of false flags based on false accusations…..mutually supporting/ed by the likes of fiona barnett and associates who also create and encourage false accusers. And as with the whole project….. help, input very much appreciated, I think that the blog can generate more people reporting them, who hadn’t thought to, or realised the need as the platforms still seem to rely too much on numbers of reports to take action…..which the hoaxers use to their advantage…….. there are signs of platforms recognising and fixing things, but this lot, just find a new way to still torment their victims and promote their chosen groomed or lying ones.

Sheva Burton made good on her promise. Here are some screen shots of her fraudulently reporting videos.

It is for these reasons that I defended myself and had two of her channels taken down. She also had several videos on her channel where she uploaded copies of my video content. She lost two years worth of work and 60 videos. I made this video to document the event.